Why WE Are

CojectiveDigital Payments & Trading Services PVT LTD (CDPTS),has launched a new Digital Payment service in India that can be used by customer of any mobile operator or bank.the service called “Adi Mudra” or ADI MUDRA, can be used by mobile subscribers to make bill payments, purchase goods and services without the need of cash, cheque or credit/debit card. The service allows users to load their mobile phones with cash of various denominations starting from Rs 20, at retail touch point of ADI MUDRA, and then use this virtual money to top up any prepaid mobile or DTH, or pay postpaid bills, utility bills such as electricity, gas, water, buy air tickets, bus booking, hotel reservation and movie tickets etc. CDPTS has established an Enterprise Financial Exchange portfolio that encompasses leadership in digital payments solutions, domestic money transfer services, travel, insurance and corporate & incentive solutions. CDPTS initiated and pioneered the concept of ‘digital cash’ to the Indian consumer and various business entities, heralding the beginning towards enabling a less-cash transacting society. CDPTS, which builds on the business philosophy of “बढ़ते भारत की, बदलती सोच |” offering smart solutions by their intelligent electronic transaction processing platform where a consumer can do transactions by visiting retail touch points by paying digitally and in cash. These retail points uses ADI MUDRA’s application which runs on Desktops , Laptops and Mobile phones using Android, Windows, IOS & Java platforms. Capitalizing on operational expertise, robust in-house developed technology & implementation and timely introduction of new services made us the only company in its class having great CAGR. CDPTS services assume great significance against the backdrop of greater financial inclusion of the population especially by reaching out to the unbanked population Founded in 2018, CDPTS is focused on bridging the gap which traditional banks have not been able to since the inception of banking in India. Over the years our innovative solutions have empowered the Indian consumer to adapt to the new-age banking services. CDPTS.is ultimate platform for distributors and retailers who provide online payment services. We assure our clients and customers safe, secure and convenient mode of transactions.

  • To meet the futuristic digital and online financial solutions, CDPTS believes to facilitate each and every people of the country one of most trusted, reliable and quickest online payment solution gateways.
  • We believe to work with all premier financial institutions and organizations who are leading the economy of country whether they are governmental or non-governmental bodies.
  • Through our safe, secure, reliable and quickest payment gateway we believe to connect Semi-urban & Rural India to the mainstream of economic development.
  • CDPTS believes to train, assist and work with ADI MUDRA distribution networks as per mandates given by the banks.

What We Do

With help of our innovative and hardworking team we work for our distinguish distributors, retailers and clientsin the following areas of online payment services

  • DOMESTIC MONEY REMITTANCE money transfer service to any bank across India in association with Multiple Banks BCs. The money can be transferred to any Bank Account 24x7 by customers who donot have a Bank Account of their own.
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) AEPS is a bank led model which allows online interoperatablefinancial inclusion transaction at POS (MicroATM) through the Business correspondent of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication.
  • MOBILE RECHARGE & UTILITY BILL PAYMENTS You can pay all your Recharge and bills including prepaid, postpaid, electricity, gas, water, Credit card, house tax, road tax, phone, internet, etc.
  • API :More you do sales, more you will earn. API is a simple service for your business. You can setup it on your website, android application, ios application, blackberry application, java application, php, aspx, .net, wordpress, blog, desktop application and many more.
  • White Label
  • Software Development
  • Travel (Bus Air, Rail, Packages & Hotel)
  • Insurance
  • Gift Cards/e vouchers
  • Wallet Top ups
  • Online Shopping

How We Work

Trust and transparency are our mantras to be associated with our partners, distributors, retailers and clients. We are equipped with essential IT support and 24x7 technical assistance

  • Start
  • Meeting
  • Document Collection
  • Document Verification
  • Account Creation & Permission
  • Testing
  • Travel (Bus Air, Rail, Packages & Hotel)
  • Insurance
  • Go Live
  • After Sales Support
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